Our Farms

A stunning 100 acre farm in southeastern Connecticut offering organic produce poultry, eggs and flowers. White Gate is an original Dinners at the Farm farm host.

Established in 1909, this beautiful family-owned farm is located in the heart of Madison Conn., and grows organic cut flowers, fruits, vegetables and grass-fed/pastured lamb. Read their inspiring BLOG for more information.

Located in Essex and Deep River, Conn., Scott’s Farms are family run farms and consist of Scott’s CT Valley Orchards and Scott’s Farm & Greenhouses. The two farms grow a variety of orchard fruits and vegetables along with flowers and herbs with the Essex location maintaining 15,000 sq. ft of greenhouses. For more about Scott’s Farms visit their informative website.

Located in Stonington, Conn., this seaside farm has been worked every year since 1654 and has been in the same family for 11 generations. The homestead holds a unique place in history as a touch-stone for three different cultures: Native Indians, European Colonists and African Slaves.

Known for their heirloom and vintage variety tomatoes, this 87 acre organic farm is located on the banks of the Connecticut River in South Glastonbury, Conn. Owner George Purtil grows organic feed corn, winter squash, poultry, goats and herbs, vegetables, fruit and sells the most delicious heirloom tomato sauce.


Our Beneficiaries

Get Fresh 4 Schools is the benefit program created by our team for Connecticut’s Region 4 Schools in Deep River CT. The district is lucky enough to have our co-chef Thomas Peterlik as Director of Food Service. He is dedicated to bringing freshly prepared and cooked school lunches to each school and together with the farm dinner team works to help promote healthy school lunches throughout the state and beyond.

The New Connecticut Farmer Alliance (NCTFA)

Meet Susan Mitchell, working director of  NCTFA that newly organized in the winter of 2010 to bring together emerging farmers from across the State to network, share resources, and identify common challenges and opportunities. They aim to nurture a more accessible, successful, and diverse agricultural landscape in Connecticut. Growing and supporting new and young farmers will help sustain Connecticut’s agricultural viability.

Meet Elisabeth Moore, Executive Director of CFT. Established in 2002, CFT holds agricultural conservation easements that protect 2,650 acres of farmland on 31 family farms around the state, has assisted partners in the preservation of 789 acres, and serves as a leading resource on conserving Connecticut’s working farmland.

Meet Lisa Bissani, Project Director of Working Lands Alliance which is a project of American Farmland Trust. Founded in 1999, WLA is a coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to raise awareness of the need and importance of saving CT’s valuable farmland–farmers, municipal officials, environmentalists, anti-hunger advocates, and local food enthusiasts. Their motto: “No Farms No Food.”

CitySeed is a not-for-profit organization that facilitates access to locally grown produce to urban communities, most notably establishing and managing an urban farmer’s market in the heart of New Haven. In addition, CitySeed coordinates numerous statewide community farming enrichment programs. Their mission is to grow and sustain an equitable local food system.

Meet Whit Davis, farmer/owner of the Stanton-Davis Farmstead. Whit’s home is the oldest home in Stonington, Conn. with a rich and colorful agricultural heritage. His family is working to preserve the homestead with a mission to reinvent it as a working agricultural museum.



Photos on this page by Michelle Parr Paulson